A Special Lecture

Dated: 21st Jan, 2013


Dear Sir / Madam,

Dr Shaunak Sen, IIT Delhi will deliver a Special Lecture on “Signaling Tradeoffs in Biomolecular Control Circuits” at 11.00 AM on 24th January, 2013, Thursday in the auditorium of Ramanujan, C R Rao Advanced Institute of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science.

Signaling Tradeoffs in Biomolecular Control Circuits


Elucidating system tradeoffs is an important part of an engineering design process, and likely to be similarly important for understanding the functioning and design of biomolecular control circuits. However, the tradeoffs that can be present in biomolecular control systems are generally unclear. In this talk, we present our work on investigating tradeoffs in the input–output responses of simple signaling control modules using simple computational models. For simpler implementations of amplifier-like responses, we find that the magnitude of the gain and its range are constrained to vary in inverse proportion. We find a similar tradeoff for a switch-like response, between the gain and the threshold value where it occurs. We present examples of signaling control systems to illustrate the presence of these tradeoffs. This work underlines simple tradeoffs that can be important in the functioning and design of biomolecular signaling control systems.

Thanks and regards
(Dr Allam Appa Rao)