Seminar Series

Dates Title of the Talk Name of the Speaker Downloads
04 August 2017 Machine Learning for Computational Analysis of Telugu Language Prof. Venkat N. Gudivada Brochure
06 July 2017 Change-point analysis in frequency domain for chronological data Prof. Venkata Krishna Jandhyala Brochure
04 July 2017 A Study of Alaskan temperature changes over time Prof. Venkata Krishna Jandhyala Brochure
07 December 2016 Shape Constrained Regression Bodhisattva Sen, Columbia University, New York Brochure
22nd September 2016 Challenges in Stochastic Modeling for Telecommunication Systems Dr S Dharmaraja Brochure
25th July 2016 Odds Ratios and Singular Values – Applications to Population Genetics and Genetics of Asthma Prof. M.B. Rao Brochure
3rd June 2015 Proxy Samples in Time Series Dr Suhasini Subba Rao Brochure
11th March 2015 Comparison of treatments and data-dependent allocation for circular data from a cataract surgery Prof Atanu Biswas, ISI, Kolkata Brochure
13th Feb 2015 Shape of the Earth, Motion of the Planets and the Method of Least Squares Prof. Probal Chaudhuri, Indian Statistical Instiute, Kolkata Brochure
3rd Feb 2015 Cryptographically significant Boolean functions Dr Sumanta Sarkar, Centre of Excellence in Cryptology Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata -
16th October 2014 Seminar on Modeling movement of birds through graph theory principles Arni S.R. Srinivasa Rao, Georgia Regents University Brochure
21st July 2014 Seminar on Optimality of Reduced Size Choice Sets Palavi Chituri, PhD, Temple University, Philadelphia Brochure
20th March 2014 Spectral and Frequency domain methods for the analysis of Spatio-Temporal Data- An application to Spatio-Temporal (Prediction) Kriging Prof. Tata Subba Rao, University of Manchester Brochure
24th February 2014 Discrete valued time series using categorical ARMA models Prof. Atanu Biswas ISI, Kolkata Brochure
22nd January 2014 Property preserving encryption Dr. Prem Laxman Das SETS, Chennai  
26th December 2013 Limit laws for maxima of i.i.d random variables with distribution functions which are mixture and convolutions Prof. M Sreehari Brochure
23rd, 24th December 2013 A theory of quantum error correcting codes, a brief introduction Prof. K R Parthasarathy ISI, Delhi Brochure